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✓ Assist young children develop the skills that will help improve their future job prospects.

✓ Help tackle the youth unemployment in rural Ghana by providing vocational training to students, inspiring them into a future career.

✓ Contribute towards reducing inequality – the UN’s Development Goal No10

✓ Assist in caring for Ghana’s children with disabilities.

✓ Assist local staff by getting involved in essential education and rehabilitation sessions.

✓ Work in a variety of different schools and locations across Ghana.

JG Schools

JG work with a variety of different schools; primary schools, kindergarten & junior high schools, in rural villages, fishing villages, mining villages and more!

Volunteering with us, you will influence and inspire not only one schools student’s, but a range of schools across Ghana. Each school is grateful for the teaching and training we provide, and you will be sure to leave a lasting impact on the children’s lives.

Teach with us

As we work with so many schools, subject teaching and class teaching (ages) can be very flexible to fit your needs. After your initial application, we will match you with the best classes and schools that you can make the biggest impact with.

The teaching will range from leading classes, supervising classes, and doing extra-curricular outside of school hour classes. You will work alongside the local teacher, and together will provide the best classes!

Caring for children with disabilities

Under this program, there is also an opportunity for childcare, which will focus on disability care. You will assist local staff with the day to day routines, and support local carers in essential education and rehabilitation settings, giving care & attention to vulnerable children. Supporting in various essential education and rehabilitation settings allows individuals care for children who are most in need. You will help the children with assisted learning, care, but also teach them how to be as independent as they can be.


Whilst the education in Ghana is improving after 2017 when the Government introduced Free Education for Secondary Schools, this has given access to education to more Ghanaian’s, but schools are still under-resourced and over-crowded.

JustGhana has been working with schools since 2011, working alongside Green Club teachers and the headteachers, to provide sustainable solutions to the problems they are facing.

As the Green Club primarily started as an environmental club, teachers hold classes teaching green club members (students) about important environmetal topics. Through the green club, JG has been able to offer further support to help our schools prosper.

Disability care in Ghana

An estimated 5 million women and men in Ghana are People With Disabilities (PWDs) – 20% of the population. About 100,000 Ghanaian children aged 6-14 have a disability and more than 16,000 have no schooling. Children with disabilities are unable to leave home, let alone go to school. The stigma associated with disabilities is a problem being faced in Ghana, where children with disabilities lack support from their family, and therefore can lead into a life further in poverty.

Ghana has a policy of nationwide inclusive education that works on two ways. Firstly, enforcing the rights of children with disabilities to education. Secondly, educating parents through community sensitisation programs. Resources are limited for investment in addressing these issues nationally.

Inspirational Figure

JustGhana met Mercy in 2020 when we partnered with a school in Ajumako, where she is the headmistress. Mercy’s second born son was born with Cystic Fibrosis (CF). She experienced first-hand the stigmas associated with children with disabilities in Ghana. She found it difficult to access medical facilities and suitable medical care to meet her son’s needs.

Being a prominent figure in her local community through her role at the school, Mercy learnt that she was not alone. She created a support system for other parents, and even opened her home to create a disability centre, where she spent all her time and resources into caring for other disabled children.

Mercy is our inspiration in helping tackle this problem, and if you participate in this volunteering program, you will be working alongside her, creating the best impact possible.

What you will be doing

  • Help schools to provide both creative and core-curriculum based learning.
  • Work alongside teachers to plan & prepare a range of classroom activities and lessons.
  • Supervise classrooms, lead lessons alongside a local teacher, and mentor students.
  • Enrich under-resourced schools curriculum by offering new ideas and insights.
  • Help meet the UNDP Goal 4: Quality education

What you'll be teaching

English Classes
As a native English speaker, you can help Ghanaians improve their English language. In the rural area, many children do not

speak English well, so leading classes on this, will provide them with the best expertise!

Creative Classes
This can be anything from Art, to Sports. We encourage the students to learn extra-curricular classes as this can inspire them for a future career but also provide them with hobbies for their spare time.

Curriculum Classes
This will be working with a local teacher to improve their current curriculum. You may suggest new learning techniques to motivate the students.

What to expect

Normally you will volunteer Monday-Friday for around 7-8 hours every day.

The working hours for teaching are school times (8am-2pm) and sometimes an hour or two after school finishes to do extra-curricular activities. If you wish to mentor a student, this will be outside of school time so it does not affect their current timetable.

For the disability care, the typical working hours are usually from 7am-1pm and 4pm – 6pm. The early start is required to provide the carers with much-needed assistance at the project. The morning routines are where the volunteers can provide the most hands-on support.

The Programme

For the Teaching programme, we offer durations starting from 2 weeks. We don’t offer anything short than this, as we want to ensure you will make a lasting impact on the children’s lives. You will also have the opportunity to work at more than one school, and we can help you plan how long to stay at each one.

The weekends are free to explore, and JustGhana will help you plan the best trips from the tourist hotspots to secret hidden gems only the locals know.

  • 2 weeks      £295
  • 4 weeks      £495
  • 6 weeks      £695
  • 8 weeks      £895
  • 10 weeks    £1095
  • 12 weeks    £1295
  • 50 weeks    £3885

Further Info

Please note: Our fees do not include accommodation or travel. Previous volunteers prefer to use public transport which is cheap and readily available, or JG can help to arrange private transport if needed. Accommodation is exclusive, and will be booked once preferred dates are confirmed. JG negotiate the best prices with local recommendations that can suit any budget.

The volunteering program cost covers staff costs, administration costs, and any profit is reinvested into ensuring the programmes run and continue to benefit a large number of lives.

Flights, accommodation & food, travel insurance and visas are exclusive, but JustGhana will provide support in all these areas.

JustGhana Green Club Volunteering

If you would like to become a JustGhana Green Club volunteer, please fill out the form below. The application fee is £95, this is to ensure that your trip is customised to meet your needs and requirements, but to also fit the current project status in Ghana for your preferred dates.

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