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Chale Wote Street Art Festival

Chale Wote was launched in 2011. JustGhana co-sponsored the children’s events in 2012 at this international festival, now one of the largest and most popular cultural events in West Africa.

Serge Attukwei Clottey

Following a competitive selection process, JustGhana appointed Serge in 2010 as Artist-in-residence, working with kids from Jamestown fishermen, their children and families. Serge focussed on environmental degradation conservation of scarce resources, especially water, with the concept of Afro-Gallonism.

Akwele Suma Glory

Highly respected feminist multi-media artist and veteran environmental campaigner was appointed by JustGhana to work with Jamestown women, focusing in Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) . With Project Aurifex, Akwele worked with local women on retention of traditional skills such as bead making.

JustGhana Green Clubs

JG Green Clubs were established to boost interest in arts and environmental education in rural and urban schools. Starting with the Methodist Basic School at Konkonuru, JustGhana established the annual Amantem Prize to promote interest and engagement with environmental issues, the arts and urbanisation among teachers and school kids. JG Green Clubs now operate in three schools across Accra.

The Big Lunch

JustGhana led a project on food sustainability with Eden Project Communities. In addition to the schools at Konkonuru and Peduase, a Green Club was also launched at Christ the King of Kings School in Jamestown, Accra. JustGhana will hold a Big Lunch at the CKKS school in December 2020 where music and food will be provided for the school kids who have not been attending due to COVID-19.

Computer Labs

Working with the Turing Trust and British High Commission Accra, JustGhana launched computer labs in Accra schools, using re-cycled computers from the UK. There are now 5 schools in the network, including Accra Royal in Jamestown.

Project Aurifex

Working with rural mining communities to restore sustainable mining in Ghana. Aurifex is working with UK artists and jewellers to retain ancient skills and boost innovation, improving the lives and livelihoods of artisan mining communities. Aurifex represents fine craftsmanship and Ghanian culture.

Kumasi City Hall Complex

A flagship component of Kumasi’s Green Action Plan to regenerate the Ghanaian city once known as the ‘Garden City of West Africa’, the design for this civic centre and seat of local government was won by competitive tender. Inspired by the Ashanti porcupine, the design carries the traditional significance of the assembly, as a democratic institution within Ashanti traditions, into a new century.

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