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Green Club

JustGhana Green Clubs were established to boost interest in arts and environmental education in rural and urban schools. Starting with the Methodist Basic School in Konkonuru, JustGhana started the annual Amantem Prize to promote interest and engagement with environmental issues, the arts and urbanisation among teachers and school children.

JustGhana works with schools in Jamestown and Aburi, Accra. We partner with schools to increase education about environmental sustainability, including schools using their grounds to plant vegetables and flowers, to promote the arts sector with our own Artist in Residence event hosted every year, plus health projects where a doctor and medical staff regularly engage with the school children.

We are working with Christ the King of Kings in Jamestown, Konkonuru Methodist Basic School and Peduase Methodist School in Aburi.

Christ the King of Kings School

The School was founded by inspirational educator Neequaye. The School is situated at the heart of Jamestown, an ancient fishing village in Accra.

JustGhana supports children of Jamestown to realise their creative potential and ambitions for fulfilled lives.

Christ the King of Kings School (CKKS) is located within the historic urban fishing village of Jamestown, Accra, Ghana. The school aims to support disadvantaged local children and their families, with the opportunities for equal access to a good education. Children who can’t afford school fees and expenses are allowed to gain academic skills and also learn about STEM, architecture, urban design, sustainability, climate change- and the natural environment. As a school CKKS cares about giving kids and their families the best possible livelihoods, working with a dedicated team of teachers and volunteers.

CKKS cares about making education accessible to every child within Ghana. We want to better lives through equipping children with essential skills to take on the world and opportunities that may come their way. Every child should have access to education and a chance to pursue their dreams and its our goal to make sure every child in Jamestown Ghana has that chance to be excellent and succeed at life.

If you would like to get involved by volunteering, please contact us.

All your donations will go towards improving the education of the students in our green clubs. We thank you for your donation and your time.

The history of CKKS

Late Principal Emmanuel Ashie founded of Christ the King of Kings School in 1996, established mainly for the fishermen children that lived within the neighbourhood. As most of these fishermen could not afford school fees, Emmanuel Ashie created the CKKS establishment to give these kids the opportunity of an education. When the school first started it was a kinder garden where only three children attended. Now, the school has 150 children of different age groups enrolled in CKKS. The school runs receives no government funding, instead relying on donations and a small daily fee of 2 Cedis (around 25 pence), used to pay teachers and cover food costs. Emmanuel Ashie hoped the school will give the children a chance to receive a good education and to get a job, then helping to improve their families lives.

Peduase Methodist School

JustGhana launched the Green Club at Peduase School in 2018.

The school kids have since transformed their school complex to create a green oasis, planting both vegetables and flowers. The teachers hold weekly classes on important environmental issues such as recycling and climate change.

In November 2020, Dr Khushali and Green Club held classes educating the village children about sexual health and other related matters. The school kids have also begun the JustGhana Enterprise program, teaching them how to run a small business to be able to lift the financial burden from their parents but to also prepare them for after school.

Konkonuru Methodist Basic School

JustGhana launched their first Green Club at Konkonuru School in 2010. This included the first Artist in Residence, where an artist holds classes with the school children painting pictures with a focus on the environment.

Every Christmas, the Amentum Prize rewards gardeners, artists, and environmental academics! This was started by the Owusu family & friends, donating their Christmas money in lieu of presents.

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