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JGGC Health Volunteering Programme

Contribute to the UN’s sustainable development goal No.3 – Good health

 Excellent for new volunteers seeking secure social experience.

Excellent opportunities to specialise in rural community health.

Using your special skills, offer the ability to serve a community-in-need.

Gain experience in the medical field in a developing country.

Dr Khushali in Aburi

The volunteer experiences will enhance personal and professional development – an important understanding of community medicine and healthcare within a new post CoVid culture, with facilities, procedures and operations sometimes new to medicine in Ghana. As a medical volunteer you will must schedule your time carefully, to benefit from and enjoy the learning opportunities in this wonderful country.

Opportunities Available

If you are medically qualified, and wish to have a hands-on role with patients, you will need to be registered to practice in Ghana. This can be obtained through the council (MDC Ghana) and you will need to allow time for the application to be processed.

JG welcome any medical professionals who wish to do longer term support, for example visiting a few weeks every year. This will provide even greater benefits to the local community as upon your return, you will hit the ground running! Please mention this in the form below if this is of interest to you.

What you'll be doing

Volunteers will be based mainly at Konkonuru, built by Rita Marley. They will share knowledge about Ghana’s prevalent diseases such as Malaria and Typhoid and diagnoses, management and treatment. Outside the Centre, in rural villages in medical outreach work, they will work to raise awareness of health education campaigns.

Midwifery students can observe qualified midwives as they care for maternity patients, observing conditions of pregnant women, childbirth in delivery, maternity support during labour and prenatal care.

Shadow nursing placements can be arranged in a main government hospital. Volunteers can observe the important role nurses play in Ghana hospitals. Observation of illnesses, injuries and practices, helping with basic healthcare checks in community outreach work can provide valuable experience.


Ghana’s 2003 National Health Insurance Act has improved healthcare, but many people still face significant challenges in access to good medical treatment and community provision. Healthcare provision is inconsistent throughout Ghana. Large cities are well generally well served, and have access to hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies. Rural communities often have few modern healthcare facilities and rely on traditional medicine, or travel great distances for medical assistance. Research shows that the majority of patients suffer from illnesses associated with poor sanitation. Malaria causes numerous deaths and HIV/AIDS blights many lives. Many causes of death and serious illness are avoidable. Hard-pressed Professionals focus on urgent cases, with limited time and resources for community education in prevention strategies.

Inspirational figure

A gift of health from Rita Marley

The Rita Marley Foundation (RMF) has radically transformed the backwater village of Konkonuru in Aburi, Ghana. Since the foundation established office near the rural community in 1998, it has endowed the village with resources villagers once longed for. These include a paved main road lined with functional street lights, clean and reliable pipe borne water, a comfortable community centre, improved educational tools, additional schools and a modern recording studio equipped with modern recording facilities and equipment.

The village has been without a medical facility so residents’ journey to far off distances to receive any and every form of medical treatment. Rita Marley Foundation has constructed
a functional health care centre now run by the Ghana Health Service.


JGGC will organise community outreach days for volunteers. This will involve working alongside healthcare staff to provide primary healthcare to rural communities. If you have the license to operate in Ghana, you will work with the medical staff. If you do not, you will observe and learn. Volunteers will also work alongside JG’s own outreach worker who is familiar with the local communities we work in.

Volunteer with us

As a volunteer with JustGhana, you will gain first-hand experience and insight into Ghana’s rural healthcare system. JGGC volunteer programme offers a once in a lifetime opportunity for a learning and cultural experience – an excellent opportunity to share in the life of a rural West African community, working at a busy health centre, learning from local staff and supporting their patients.

The healthcare workers appreciate support and information sharing about tropical diseases such as Malaria, Leishmaniasis and Dengue. Patients are treated by an under-resourced and poorly staffed healthcare system. Often, cultural factors and a lack of education/health awareness contribute to the high number of preventable cases.

Who is this programme suitable for?

This placement are available for people of all backgrounds and many ages:

  • Gap years or mid-career breaks
  • School leavers’ work experience
  • University applicants
  • Nursing/medical students
  • Experienced medics
  • Public health practitioners
  • Professional sabbaticals
  • Post-career or retirement

The Programme

Medical degrees are not necessary, and requirements vary by the project. There are many roles for undergraduates and graduates. All are subject to international rules and guidelines for health volunteering and safeguarding, primarily serving in observational, shadowing and mentoring roles, where the welfare of patients is paramount. As you will be working with vulnerable people, JustGhana require you to pass a DBS check up to 6 months before your scheduled programme start date.

Requirements, Fees & Bursaries

  • 2 weeks        £395
  • 4 weeks        £695
  • 6 weeks        £995
  • 8 weeks        £1295
  • 10 weeks      £1595
  • 12 weeks      £1895

JGGC aims to give equal access to opportunities. Reductions can be considered, and bursaries awarded, subject to individual circumstances.


The maximum recommended duration for a medical experience is 12 weeks. Programmes can be combined with other JGGC volunteer opportunities in Ghana including helping at children’s homes and projects. We can also arrange more specific opportunities in medicine, midwifery and nursing, scheduled around individual requirements. The healthcare workers appreciate support and information sharing about tropical diseases such as Malaria, Leishmaniasis and Dengue. Patients are treated by an under-resourced and poorly staffed healthcare system. Often, cultural factors and a lack of education/health awareness contribute to the high number of preventable cases.

By volunteering with JustGhana Green Clubs, profits are reinvested into ensuring the programmes run and continue to benefit a large number of lives.

JustGhana Green Club Volunteering

If you would like to become a JustGhana Green Club volunteer, please fill out the form below. The application fee is £95, this is to ensure that your trip is customised to meet your needs and requirements, but to also fit the current project status in Ghana for your preferred dates.

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